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                                 Number 12

Twilight looked around as she walked down the old roads of Ponyville. On occasion she missed the large cityscape of Canterlot . Though Ponyville was indeed nice, with it's own charm, she could not escape that feeling of homesickness, the hustle and bustle of the city, the millions of ponies of all shapes and sizes, the buildings stretching into the clouds. She missed it. And yet, she had never been out of the city before her trip here. Canterlot and Ponyville were the only homes she knew."Perhaps all I need is a change of scenery." She mumbled to herself. "Ponyville is beginning to feel a little small."
The purple unicorn was shaken from her thoughts by a large boom. Something blue hurtled from the sky, leaving a trail of smoke in it's wake. It collided with something in the distance with a thundering crash.
Twilight stood, stupefied for a moment, until she realized the location the sound had come from."My Library!!!"
Twilight galloped down the road at full speed towards the smoke in the distance.

*Theme Music*

By the time Twilight had arrived in the town square a small crowd of ponies had collected around the tree which once housed the library. The left wing was in splinters, the smell of burning paper hung heavy in the air.
"My books!" She yelled. Then she thought a moment. "Spike!!!!"  More distraught than ever, she raced through the door, coughing in the smoke as she worked her way forward. The shock wave created by the object had knocked almost every book from it's shelf, the whole library lay in disarray. The paper crinkled and shifted under her hooves, but she had more pressing matters to worry about. "Spike!?" Twilight looked around wildly. "Spike!? Please tell me you're alright?"
Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. "Spike...."
"What's all the ruckus Twilight?"
"Spike!" Twilight whirled around and grabbed the small dragon in a full body hug.
"What!? Geeze, what happened to the library? I was sleeping then I hear you in here having a fit. What's going on?" Spike tried to wiggle out of Twilight's grasp.
Twilight froze. "You slept....through the whole thing?" She leered at the dragon. "You slept through the whole thing!!!" She tossed the small dragon down on to the book covered floor. "I was worried about you! Uhg! You lazy reptile, not even an explosion could wake you up from your nap. Here I thought you had died!"
"Ow! Okay I'm not! I'm sorry! Geeze, I'll sleep more lightly next time."
Twilight couldn't help but smile. "Alright apology accepted. Now, I suppose you didn't see any of what happened did you?"
"Nope, I went to sleep, I heard you yelling, woke up and here we are."
"Well," Twilight put a hoof to her chin. "Something came from the sky, and crashed into the library from what I saw."  She turned and headed downstairs.  "I'm going to see what it was. I'd very much like to know the reason my books are in such disarray."
"Twilight, wait!" Yelled Spike. "You don't know what's down there!"
"Well I intend to find out, one way or another."  She said looking back over her shoulder.
"Fine, then." Spike yelled back. "But at least slow down!"

The object had cut a path through the left wing of the library down into the basement. In places, as they walked, embers burned in the scorched bark, charred grey and black.
"Oh, my poor tree." Whispered Twilight.
"I know, it's worse than I thought." Said Spike.
As they descended the stairs the smell of burning wood became stronger. Twilight and Spike coughed as smoke began to wind it's way up the staircase, which had amazingly stayed intact.
They came upon the thing that had crashed into their home. Smoke curled around it's frame, It was blue, they could see that much through the thick haze.
"What is it?" Asked Spike.
"I don't know, Spike, but it's going to take a lot of magic to heal this tree, and I want to know why."
"Careful, Twilight! Spike stayed on the stairs as the unicorn neared the blue object.
"It's" Twilight said bemused. "and there's not a scratch on it. I didn't think anything could survive something like that."
"Okay, it's a box, now let's let somepony else deal with it. Come on." Spike implored.
"Who else? This is our home, and I need to know what damaged it in such a manor."  Twilight walked up to the box. "Police Public Call Box," she read aloud. "There's writing on it! And windows, and doors! Spike, come here and look at thi-."
She was cut off as one of the doors swung wide, and the head of a brown stallion  popped out.
"Hello there." said the strange stallion . He stumbled out unsteadily, he looked quite dismayed. "Dear me, four legs....that's new. Well I've been worse." he walked in a circle examining his body. "A tail! That's certainly different. I'd say from the hindquarters definitely equine. That's rather daft. A horsey Time Lord, look at that! Or maybe I'm a Timey Horse Lord, or a Lord of Horsey Time. I'm really not sure yet. Oh! And look at that, there's an hourglass on it, never had a tattoo before, love a tattoo."
He looked at Twilight almost like he had forgotten for the moment that she was there."Oh! Hello there! Can you talk as well? Perhaps I've just eaten some bad fish."
Twilight stood dumbfounded.
"Hmm, perhaps you can't, I shall never eat starfish again. Which is really a shame, because they are so delicious if you can get them out of the star at just the right time."
"I-I-I." Twilight stuttered.
"I-I-I?" The strange brown stallion  repeated. "Is that what horses say here? They said 'neigh' last time I checked." Maybe I should check again."
He circled Twilight, looking her up and down. "Why, you're purple aren't you? A purple horse, imagine that. Although, perhaps you're not a horse, judging from the very large cranium and severely shortened snout. Those ears of yours don't quite mesh either, now do they? Not to mention your hair is remarkably human for a horse."
"I-I'm not a horse." Twilight managed to get the words out.
The stallion  jumped back "Fascinating! It seems to have gained the power of speech!"
"It!?" Twilight yelled, offended. "Look Mr. You're the on that cashed into my house an I want some answe-"
"Well what do you expect me to call you?"
"....What?" Twilight's head was spinning.
"If not 'It', what?  Judging from the voice you're female, what do you want to be called? How do you feel about the name Georgia?"
"No!!" Twilight yelled, trying to get a grip on things. "No! My name is Twilight Sparkle, I just want to kno-"
"Twilight Sparkle?" The stallion  raised an eyebrow. "I like Georgia much better."
"I just want to know what's going on here!" Twilight paused. "And it's a fine name I'll have you know!!"
"I'm sure it is by this world's standards, though it would have quite a different connotation on my side of the pond."
Twilight just stood there mouth slightly ajar.
"Ah yes! How rude of me"
"You mean crashing your box into my house?"
The stallion  looked around seemingly surprised to see the crash.
"Oh yeah, that too I suppose, but I haven't introduced myself." The stallion  attempted to bow. "I am, The Doctor." upon finishing that he fell on flat on his face. "The gravity must be weird here."
Twilight had had about enough of this nonsense.
"Look here 'Doctor' you've destroyed my home, my books and about an hour of my time with your box and your ramblings. Now will you tell me, What.Is.Going.On?"
"Going on?" The stallion  looked confused. "Whatever do you mean?" He looked around, upon looking behind Twilight his eyes shot wide.
He leaned in close and whispered. "Do you mean the reptile behind you? Don't be alarmed, it looks like it's only a baby. Looks remarkably like a dragon doesn't it?
Twilight tried to respond, but he was off like a rocket to the stairs where Spike cowered.
"Well, isn't this curious!" He turned to Twilight. "Don't be alarmed my dear, but I believe this is a dragon!"
"Well what did you think I was, a salamander?" Spike bolstered his courage, and stepped up to the stallion .
"Oh my! Now this is fascinating! He has the power of speech as well!" He looked back at Twilight. "Are you seeing this, Evening Glitter?"
"That's Twilight Sparkle."  She said exasperated, "And that's Spike, he always talks." Twilight marched up to the stallion , and put her nose against his. "Now tell me, really, who doesn't know that? Who are you?"
Suddenly the stallion  looked like he was going to be sick.
"I'm *Burp*" at that, a small coil of golden smoke made it's way from his mouth. He swayed back and forth.
Twilight and Spike jumped back.
"Excuse me, sorry, it appears I'm not quite ready yet." he swayed still more as he spoke. "But as I told you, Morning Glory, I'm the," He fell to the floor. "Doctor..." he whispered. Then he was out cold.

"What a werido," Groaned Spike as he and Twilight hauled the unconscious stallion up the stairs. "A heavy weirdo."
They shuffled over to the couch, and dumped him there.
"Weird or not, I'm getting some answers from him when he wakes up." said Twilight "This is all far too strange. None of my magic seems to wake him, and the tree won't heal where that Celestia forsaken box is." She signed. "How did he fit in there anyway? It looks too small to hide somepony of his size and none of my magic will open it."
"Well, perhaps we should turn him over to the Mayor?" Spike suggested. "She could probably use her pull to get more answers than we can. Plus he did destroy your library."
Twilight looked over at the stallion slumped on the couch. His chest rose and fell in slow breaths.  "I suppose we could do that." she pondered "But I'd really like to give him a chance to explain himself before we go turning him over. Even if he does deserve the trouble."
"Fine, but he'd better wake up soon."
As Spike spoke, the Stallion's mouth opened, and more golden smoke poured out.
"And he'd better stop doing that."

Above Ponyville, a small hole opened in the sky. A creature slowly floated downwards. The observer would would notice it looked a lot like a Pegasus pony made of stone. It's abnormally large wings covering it's eyes.
Then it was gone.

Twilight Sparkle sat watching her 'guest' as Spike slept nearby. His chest continued to rise and fall, if a bit fitfully. Every now and again a stream of golden smoke would roll from his mouth into the air.
"What is that stuff?" she wondered aloud. "Oh, I hope he's not sick..."
Twilight trotted up to him, and nudged him with a forehoof. He didn't respond.  "Hello? Can you hear me? You owe me some explanations." She poked him again. "Mr.Bluebox?"
Still he lay unmoving.
Twilight put her ear against his chest. "It's beating at least." she paused. "But that's odd." she moved her head to the left. "There's four beats...."
Twilight, nudged Spike.
"Hubawah? No I don't want opals, gemstones please." he mumbled.
"Spike, wake up!"
"What! what!" Spike was jumped, up. "What is it!"
"Listen to his heart. I think it sounds...funny.." Said Twilight.
"Funny? Like funny 'ha-ha' or like funny 'oh-no'?"
"Will you just listen?" She shoved the small dragon towards the couch.
"Okay, okay, geeze." Spike put his head to the Stallion's chest.
"Do you hear it?" Asked Twilight.
"Yeah! That's so weird! It's like a funky drumbeat!"
Twilight rolled her eyes. "Spike, this is serious. A pony's heart shouldn't sound like that. Maybe there's something wrong with him, maybe we should take him to a doctor."
Suddenly the stallion's head shot up. Eye's wide awake.
"You called?"
Twilight and Spike yelped jumping back.
"What!?" Twilight yelled.
"You said Doctor, do you need my help?"
"What? No! Do you need any help?"  
The stallion looked confused. "Well why would I need any help?"
"It's your heart." said Twilight.  "it's beating fun-"
"Hearts." he interrupted.
"Hearts, plural, I've got two."
Twilight began to get annoyed. "Look mister, I've read several books on the subject, and ponies only have one heart that I'm su-"
"So you don't need me?" He interrupted looking at her like she'd just drooled on the floor.
"No!!" She yelled in exasperation.
"Okay then." The stallion fell back, unconscious.
"No! Wait! I mean yes! Yes I do need you! You haven't answered any of my questions!
He didn't move.
"What is wrong with this pony!!" Twilight screamed.
"Perhaps he hit his head in the crash?" Spike suggested."Either way, this is getting us
nowhere, he's a loon. Everyone knows only manticore's have more than one heart, and they've got three. I bet that pony couldn't find his tail with a map. Let's dump him outside and get back to cleaning up the library."
"Spike!" Said Twilight, aghast. "Though I admit that while he's unconscious cleaning the library takes top priority, he's obviously unwell, we cannot simply 'dump' him outside, no matter how much of a loon he seems to be."
"Fine, fine, fine," Spike conceded. "but if he's not awake in the morning, we're calling someone."
"Fine by me." Said Twilight.

"Somepony's gotta make the stormy nights." Night Sift mumbled to himself as he moved the clouds into position over the moon. Most other Pegasus Ponies were asleep, so it was his job to make the night time storms. It was hard work, but he was most active during the night, and a strong pony to boot. He worked diligently, though there was very little thanks.
"I suppose that's it." he said finishing up.  Since he was mostly the only one active at night, he had developed a habit of talking to himself.
"Time to head in." He said glumly.
The gray and black Pegasus flew down to seek shelter from the coming rain.
Something rustled in the bushes near the cakeshop.
"Hello?" He asked mildly. "Is someone over there? It's about to storm, I'd get inside if I was you."
The rustling stopped, everything was silent.
"Must'a been some animal." He shook his head. "No one besides the coons are ever awake this late but me."  he turned around and marched for home,
The rustling started again. Near the spa, closer this time.
"Huh, if I didn't know better, you'd think I was being followed." The rain began falling lightly. "Never been followed before."
The rustling was closer this time.
"Perhaps I smell like food." He mused. "It'd be better than I normally smell I suppose." He looked back towards the rustling.
There was a  flash of lightning.
"Must be my imagination." He turned still looking at the bush.
"Ouch" Night shift bumped into something hard."Excuse me, I didn't see you there. Normally nobody in their right mind is out this la-"
Then there was silence. The rain continued to fall, but the Pegasus was gone.

"Twilight!!" Spike yelled, shaking the purple unicorn back and forth. "Wake up! You're not gonna believe it!"
Twilight rolled over and eyed the small dragon drowsily.
"Spike?" she rubbed her eyes with a hoof. "You're never up before me."
"Twilight! You're not gonna believe it! He made breakfast!"
"Who made breakfast?" she asked, closing her eyes again.
"That brown pony!"
Twilight jumped up. "He's awake!?"
Spike deflated a little. "Well, no. But there's a note! Come on!"
Twilight followed him into the kitchen, where there were several waffles steaming on the table along with various flowers. Cups had been laid out, filled with sweet smelling liquid next to the two place settings on either end.
"When did he do this?" Twilight asked awestruck.
"I don't know, but he left this." the dragon handed her a note.

Dear Midnight Twinkle,

I awoke last night with a hunger, so I made myself a small snack. Getting a new face makes the  body hungry does it not? So upon finding something to my taste I indulged. Did you know Daisies are really rather delicious when dipped in chocolate? In any case I took the liberty of preparing breakfast as thanks for my lodgings. I need to recoup after my regeneration. You see I was fighting some rather nasty creatures along the Medusa cascade when we fell into the abstract plane. Things got rather nasty and I'm afraid it did not turn out as I had planed. Rather nasty business, but with all luck nothing followed me through.
Thank you and your small reptilian friend for your hospitality. I shall need some more time to regenerate, and then I shall depart.

Also just in case something did follow me, if you happen to see a large statue, don't blink.

Many Thanks,

The Doctor.

"Did you understand any of that?" asked Spike. "I got lost after the word 'Breakfast'"
"I can't make heads or tails of it really." Said Twilight, as she walked slowly towards the table. "But the food does look good at least. No need to let it go to waste!"
Two waffles floated onto each plate.
"You got that right!" Spike concurred.
The waffles were warm and delicious. As it turned out the cups were filled with lemonade to wash them down with.
"Say what you want about him!" said Spike. "But he certainly knows how to make breakfast!" Spike scarfed down waffles with reckless abandon.
"Yes," said Twilight as a napkin floated up to wipe her mouth, "this is quite good I'll admit. but I still want to know who he is." she got up. "Let us check on our 'guest'. He keeps calling himself 'The Doctor', doctor who? That's what I'd like to know.
The two walked gingerly into the living room, where the brown earth pony lay, unconscious again, on the couch.
"Who are you?" Twilight mumbled.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
"Twilight!" Called a voice. "Are you alright? I just heard about what happened! I was so worried! There was a boom, and smoke, and everything!"
Twilight recognized the voice.
"Pinkie Pie?"
The pink pony burst in. "Yeah!  Who did you think it was!?" she grabbed Twilight in a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're okay, I mean if you weren't okay, I don't know what I would do, then who would I ask for advice? Well I suppose I could ask Applejack, but who would I ask for Twilight's advice if there wasn't a Twilight!! Oh I'm so happy!!"
"'re choking me.." Twilight gasped.
"Oh," she released her. "Sorry."
Twilight righted herself. "It's alright, Pinkie, I'm fine I promise. There was just a small accident is all. "
Pinkie was looking passed Twilight's head, oblivious.
"Um....Pinkie?" Twilight waved a hoof in front of her face. "Hello?"
"Who is that!?" Pinkie screamed. racing past Twilight in a blur.
"What?" Twilight was disoriented for a moment. "Oh!" She turned to find Pinkie Pie buzzing around her 'guest'
"What's his name!? When did he get here!? What's his favorite drink!? I hope he likes
sarsaparilla, because that's my favorite drink! Is he nice? Why's he asleep? It's far past noon, he shouldn't be asleep! Ponies should be up after noon, otherwise they get lazy, and if they get lazy then they eat too much, and if they eat too much then they get pudgy! And that's not good. Not that I have anything against pudgy ponies, they can be so cute! Do I smell waffles?" At that she was off into the kitchen.
"Oh boy." Said Spike. "Now you've done it. When he wakes up he's in for a Pinkie tour of Ponyville. I hope he's the exercising type."
"Oh, I'm sure she won't try too much. Still I wish he'd wake up. Maybe some time with Pinkie would mellow him out." Twilight chuckled.
A scream came from the kitchen.
"Pinkie!" Twilight and Spike raced to the kitchen.

The pair of them found Pinkie sitting at the table, half a waffle hanging from her mouth, staring at a large statue.
"Pinkie are you okay!?" Twilight asked.
"Mmmph, Mmmph." mumbled Pinkie around the food.
"Where in Equestria did that come from?" asked Spike. "It looks like a Pegasus pony."
"I don't know Spike. How did it get into our kitchen? She walked up to the statue. It was cracked and old. It's wings folded oddly in front of it's eyes.  "It's kind of pretty." Twilight remarked absent mindedly.
"Mmmhhhppp! Mpook mhpout mmhpilight! Mphont phink!" Pinkie screamed.
Twilight looked back at the pink pony. He eyes were red and tearing.
"What?" She asked, confused.
Pinkie spit out the waffle. "Look out, Twilight! Don't blink!!"
"What do you mean? Are you alright?"
Pinkie's face was scrunched up in effort, her eyes were turning red.
It dawned on her. "You've been reading that stupid letter haven't you? That's a bunch on nonsense, you can blink, it's just a statue."
Pinkie blinked. "What letter?"
"You didn't read it?" Twilight asked. "Then how did you know about not blinking around statues?"
"Um....Twilight?" Spike pulled at her flank ".....Look"
Twilight turned. To find herself nose to nose with the statue. It's wings curled around her,  their tips cruel and pointed, it's mouth filled with sharp teeth.
Twilight screamed, scrambling to back away, tripping over herself and the statue's wings.
"Look at it!!" yelled Pinkie.
They all stared at the stone Pegasus, none of them dared to move.
"What is this thing!" Twilight yelped.
"I don't know," said Spike warily "but I think we should listen to Pinkie."
"Well we can't stay here all day!" Said Twilight   "We need a plan."
Spike yelped. "Twilight?! I think we need a plan really fast!"
Twilight made sure Pinkie was watching to stone Pegasus, and turned to see where Spike was pointing.
Directly behind them, another stone pegasus stood less than a foot away. Wings outward, teeth bared.
"Oh no." Twilight whimpered.
"That plan Twilight!?"
"Okay, okay, okay!"  Twilight looked back and forth, trying to keep her eyes on both the living statues. "Pinkie, Spike, keep your eyes on them! We're going to back out of the room. Don't take your eyes off of them! Okay, slowly."
The three of them backed towards the door, taking slow cautious steps. The statues remained still.
As soon as they were out the doorframe Twilight yelled. "Keep an eye on those statues! Take turns if you have too! I'm going to go get some help!"
She galloped towards the library entrance, tossing the door open she almost ran headlong into another statue. She jumped back and screamed.
"Twilight!" Called Spike. "Are you alright?"
"There's another one Spike!" I'm not sure what to do!"
Already her eyes were beginning to ache. She backed towards the living room.
"Twilight! Don't blink! We're coming!" Spike yelled from he kitchen.
"Oh.....hurry" Twilight backed further into the living room. "I can't keep this up much longer!
Her eyes burned with effort. She couldn't hold out much longer.
"Spike!? Pinkie?!"
"We have to keep our eyes on these, Twilight! We're coming as fast as we can!" "Oohh." Twilight whimpered.
She couldn't maintain her gaze, any longer.
She blinked.

When Twilight's eyes opened she found a set of very sharp teeth less than an inch from her nose.
She screamed again. Trying to back away from the statue as fast as possible. Only to find her back against the couch where the brown stallion lay. The creature mere feet from her, it's wings encompassing her escape routes.
"Oh no." she whispered.
"Twilight! Are you still alright?" Called Spike, backing into the living room.
"Not for long I'm not." Her eyes were already beginning to burn form the strain.
"Pinkie! The other statue has got Twilight cornered! We have to hurry!" Spike increased his pace. "Can you handle this one on your own for a second?"
Pinkie called from the kitchen. "Sure, it's like a staring contest! I've never played with a statue before, if I win this I wonder if there's a prize! I hope it's edible."
Spike raced into the living room to find Twilight trapped against the couch.
"Spike, Help!" Her eyes couldn't stay open much longer.
"I got it Twilight!" He dove under the creature's wings and looked it dead in the eye.
"Now what?" Twilight asked.
"I don't know! I figured it was your job to think that far."
"Spike!" Twilight yelled. "This is no time for jokes! Pinkie can't hold her eyes open forever, and who knows what'll happen if these things get close enough to do whatever it is they're planning."
"We need help." said Spike, looking towards the unconscious pony on the couch.
"Well he's in no position to give it! He's out cold. Ohhh," Twilight whimpered.
Pinkie backed into the room. "Twilight? I don't think I'm gonna win this staring contest."
Twilight looked at the doorway. "Blink, Pinkie, it's alright, I'm looking at it."
As soon as she got the words out, the statue was in the doorframe. The second it was in Twilight's field of vision it had stopped cold, mid dive for the pink earth pony.
"Twilight?" Pinkie asked. "I don't think these guys are very nice, even if they are good at staring contests."
Spike looked around wildly "This is bad. Really bad."
"I know!" Said Twilight. "Pinkie! Get over here, we can stand in a circle and take turns blinking. Quickly!"
Pinkie joined the other two in front of the stone Pegasus.
"Twilight, we can't stay here forever, what do we do!?" Spike huddled in close.
"I don't know....." Twilight face scrunched in concentration. "Keep an eye on them!"
Twilight turned to the brown earth pony on the couch, shaking him with her forehooves
"Wake up! Please wake up!! You left us that note, you know what these things are! We need you!"
The brown pony didn't respond.
"Come on!! Please..." Twilight implored. "Mr.Bluebox! We need your  help!"
Still he lay there unconscious.
"Twilight!" Spike yelled.
"What?" she whirled back around to find the statues had moved.
"They're doing something!"
"Huh!? Did you blink!?"
The dragon shrank back a bit. "It's dusty in here."
The Pegasus statues were facing away from them now, their wings pointed towards the various windows at the top of the library.
"Maybe they've lost interest in us?" Twilight asked hopefully.
One of the windows suddenly dimmed, as though a curtain had been drawn. The sunlight was cut off from coming inside.
"I don't think so!" Yelled Spike shrinking back further.
The windows fell like dominos, one after the other dimmed until no sunlight could pass. Soon the only one that remained was at the top floor of the library, casting the three of them in a small circle of sunlight.
It blinked.
The creatures, in a flash, had turned again towards the trio, teeth looking sharper than ever, wings ready to wrap around anyone unfortunate enough to get close.
"Twilight!?" Spike wrapped his arms around the unicorn's leg. "What are we going to do now!?"
"I don't know!!" she screamed.
The light blinked again, the creatures were even closer.
Twilight turned back to the unconscious pony on the couch.
"Please wake up!! Please!! We're in trouble!! We really need you. Somepony, anypony!?
The light blinked again, the creatures were mere inches away.
"Doctor!!" Twilight yelled.
The earth pony's eyes flew open.
"Do you really need me this time?" He asked.

Twilight was stunned for a moment.
"Well, do you? The last time was a false alarm, very rude you know."
"Yes!! Yes we need you!" Twilight pointed to the stone creatures closing in. "What are these things!"
The stallion got to his feet and examined the closest one. "Well, now that's just weird."
He turned back to the ponies and dragon. "Weeping Angels, though I suppose we must call them something else now though. They don't look much like angels anymore. Perhaps Weeping Pegasus would be a more apt description. They appear to have been altered, much like myself, by the fall through the abstract plane. Though I must say I pull it off much better."
"Okay then," said Twilight slowly. "What do they want!!"
"Want?" the Doctor looked perplexed "Well now that's a very good question, normally I'd say the TARDIS, but I made sure it was locked before I exited, so they probably just want to feed on our P.E."
"P.E?" asked Pinkie. "Oh,that was my favorite class in school! We'd play ball, climb things, and run everywhere!"
The Doctor looked somewhat surprised. "Um, no, not that kind of P.E my dear....what was your name?"
"Pinkie Pie!"
"My dear Pinkie Pie, by P.E I mean our Potential Energy. They're creatures from the beginning, they feed on lives never lived. They'd fling you back and time, and then feed on all the stuff you never got the chance to do. Nasty stuff. Although in this case they've got me, so they'd probably just snap your necks and then do something horrifying to feed on my energy."
"In that case, 'Doctor'," said Twilight. "Why are you standing around explaining!! And for that matter, why are we still here?"
"Hmm?" The Doctor looked back at Twilight. "Oh, they're a bit less hasty to try something with me awake I suspect. Probably wondering what I've got up my sleeve."
Spike looked hopefully at the Doctor. "Well, what do you have up your sleeve?"
"Oh." The Doctor bent down to look at Spike. "Absolutely nothing."
There was silence for a moment.  Then once again, the light began to dim.
"Well what do we do now then?!" Yelled Twilight.
"Oh, well that's really quite simple." said the Doctor as the light faded. He turned to face the couch. "We do this."
The Doctor grabbed hoofrest of the couch in his mouth, and yanked sharply to the left.
The light went out, and the ground dropped from beneath them.

"Ow....are we still alive?" asked Spike, trying to disentangle himself from a jumbled pile of manes, hooves and tails.
"Quite so." said the doctor, wincing as he got to his feet. "A bit of a longer fall than I estimated. But we're quite alive."
"What was that!?" asked Twilight.
"What?" asked the Doctor.
"How'd we fall through the floor? We're in the basement!"
"Oh, that. Well you see, after I made you breakfast, which you've yet to thank me for, I installed a trapdoor in front of the couch. Why did you think I went back to sleep there? It certainly wasn't for comfort."
"But you said you didn't have anything up your sleeve!" Twilight marched towards the Doctor. "I was scared to death up there! I thought we were done for!"
"Well, I didn't have anything up my sleeve." Said the Doctor. "I don't have sleeves, I really quite miss them. Pockets too, I'm rubbish without pockets."
Spike tapped the Doctor's Flank. "Won't those things just come down here to get us? I don't think a fall is going to stop them."
"Good thinking, Spike, but don't worry, I placed a mirror behind the couch. When we fell, it moved aside, now they're looking at themselves, completely harmless for the moment." He marched off toward the stairs
Twilight dashed in front of him.
"Look you," she blew a stray hair from in front of her face. "I have been waiting a long time for answers, and I'm going to get some. Explain to me, right now, what's going on, or we're not going anywhere!"
"Do you mean how I installed a trapdoor in your floor in little under an hour, or my recipe for waffles? I'd be happy to tell you both, Afternoon Diamond."
"Twilight Sparkle." she stomped a forehoof. "For the last time it's Twilight Sparkle! And by 'What's going on' I mean all of this!!" She strode forwards, forcing the Doctor to step back. "You crash into my house in a box, fall asleep on my couch, I'm attacked by statues not long after, you installed a trapdoor in my living room, almost concuss me in the fall, and you can't get my name right!!" she'd backed him into a wall by this point. "I.Want.To.Know.Everything."
The Doctor's eyes shifted back and forth.
"Well if you really want to know, Sunset Glint, follow me."
"It's Twi-light Spark-le, it's not that hard to re-." she sighed. "Oh never mind."
The brown stallion set off again for the stairs, this time Twilight and the others followed.

They marched down to the area in which the blue box lay. The walls of the tree had already begun to heal, but where the box sat the bark was still dark and burned.
"I wonder if she's ready yet." the Doctor said vaguely.
"Oooh." said Pinkie. "I love blue! It's such a lovely color, like the sky, and blueberries, and blueberry pie! Do you like Blueberry Pie, Doctor? I bet you do, otherwise I bet you wouldn't have painted your box that way! I never knew anyone who kept anything that blue and didn't like blueberry pie! Maybe Mrs.Cake can make you one when we get back! Oh she'd be so happy to meet you! And so would every pony! I'll have to introduce you! There's Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, the Mayer, Snips and Snails, Lyr-"
"Pinkie!" Twilight interrupted. "I think he gets the point." she turned to the Doctor. "What is that thing anyway? I saw it in the sky this morning, is it magic?"
"Magic?" the Doctor put a hoof to his chin. "I suppose you could call it that." He smiled mysteriously. "In any case, this is the TARDIS."
"TARDIS?" Spike asked."That's a funny name."
"It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, TARDIS is for short. It's how I get around."
"Could you have gotten around with less crashing do you think?" asked Twilight.
"Did you want to critique my driving skills, or did you want those answers I promised?" asked the Doctor. "In both cases we'll have to go inside."
"Inside?" Twilight cocked her head to the side. "It doesn't look like one of us besides Spike could fit in there."
The Doctor smiled, you'd be surprised my dear Midnight-"
"What? Oh yes. anyway, you'd be surprised." The Doctor walked up to the large doors. "Let's see, normally I could open the doors by snapping my fingers...but I don't seem to have any, do I?" He looked around, searching for something. "Aha!" He dipped his head into a nearby pile of ash. When he came up his face was stained black, and he was holding a small key. "Here it is! I knew I put is somewhere!" With some effort, he got the key into the lock and turned. The doors swung open and light poured out. The doctor turned to look at the three standing behind him.

The Doctor strode confidently into the TARDIS, the light coming from the blue box momentarily blinded Twilight and the others.
After rubbing her eyes with a hoof, Twilight stepped forwards. "If it makes any of this make sense, I'll go anywhere." She stepped through the doors.
The inside was massive, the ceiling reaching at least a story and a half above her head. The floor was made of some kind of glass. Below her all kinds of machinery pinged and whizzed in constant motion. In the center a large round control panel jutted from the floor, handles and leavers covered it's surface at all angles. A large glass tube was it's most obvious feature, inside several large white objects shifted up and down slowly.
"It's bigger o-"
"On the inside." The Doctor finished for her. "Yes, it is, I love it when people say that. Welcome to the TARDIS,  Nighttime Shine."

Twilight's mouth mouth hung upon. She was in too much shock to correct the Doctor again. He two friends filed in behind her.
"Whoa...." Said Spike.
"Oh! I get it!" Said Pinkie. "The outside on the inside! That's amazing! Probably some dimensional distortion."
All three of the TARDIS occupants stared at the pink pony.
"That's....right..." said the Doctor slowly.
"Lucky Guess." Said Pinkie, then she was off zooming through the TARDIS.
The Doctor turned as she went down a hallway  "Watch out for the swimin-"
There was a splash.
"Doctor?" Twilight asked slowly, still in shock.
"What is all this? I've seen magic before, but I don't think Celestia herself could do something like this...."
"Magic?" The Doctor paused. "I had supposed this world was one of magic instead of science, but when you get down to it,the two are really the same. My science is is your magic and vice-versa. When in Rome as they say."
Twilight was about to ask what 'Rome' was, but paused. "Wait, did you say 'this world'?" what do you mean by that?"
The Doctor stepped away from the controls and looked Twilight in the eye.
"You see it's like this." he pointed to a grate in a nearby wall. "There's a multiverse, as represented by this grate. Each one of these little holes in the grate is a universe, they are all floating in it. The universes are separated by really tough stuff, in this case metal, and don't normally interact." The Doctor pointed at one of the holes. "Let's say my universe is here," he pointed at another hole on the far end. "and yours is here. I say it's all the way over here because our worlds are so different.  Under normal circumstances, we would never meet one another. But," he pointed at the TARDIS controls. "When the Weeping Angels and I fell through the abstract pane, we fell onto the metal stuff, which piped us through to your world at random, and here we are." He looked at Twilight "Understand?"
"So, if I'm to believe you, you're from another world?" said Twilight raising an eyebrow.
"And so are those statue things-"
"Weeping Angels, or Weeping Pegasus for the sake of congruency"
"Okay." Twilight put a hoof to her cheek in thought. "If that's the case, my world is just one of many?"
"Indeed, there are billions if not more."
"What's yours like?"
"Well, in my world I come from a place called Gallifray."
"No...Galifray, really, must you people name everything after horses?"
"Sorry, go on." Twilight urged.
"Anyway, normally I resemble something called a human being. Do you have them in this world?"
"Human being? I've never heard of them. What do they look like."
"Well, they're bipedal mostly hairless primates, the only hair being on the tops of their heads, not unlike your hair for that matter, only less...colorful."
Twilight looked uneasy. "By your description, I'm not sure I want to see one."
"Hey! The Doctor looked affronted. "I used to look like one, and let me tell you I was quite handsome."
"Wait, you used to be a hairless primate? You look like a pony to me."  Twilight looked the brown stallion over.
"I regenerated."
"You what?"
"Regenerated, It's something that happens when I'm about to...expire. My body heals itself, but in the process I get a new face, a new body, a new everything."
"Do all humans do that?"
"Oh,  I'm not human." said the Doctor shaking his head.
"Well if you're not human, and you're not a pony...what are you?" Twilight took a step back.
"No need to look frightened. I'm a Timelord. That's why I've got two hearts. You listened, didn't you?"
"Timelord? Isn't that a bit boastful?"
"Not really." said the Doctor turning back to his controls. "Anyway, if the Angels are here that means really bad things for....whatever this place is called."
The Doctor stared at her. "Of course it is." he rolled his eyes and went to look at a monitor on the far end of the panel. "Now let's see, I thought they wanted me or the TARDIS. But, that begs the question of why they didn't just come down here and get it without alerting you and the others." His face scrunched up in thought. "Is there a large power source nearby?"
Twilight thought a minute. "Power source? The only power around here is magic."
"Yes, magical world, magical power source." Said the Doctor "Keep thinking."
"Well, in this town, I'm the most magically inclined."
"Aha!!" the Doctor exclaimed. "That's why the TARDIS was drawn to your house! That's why the angels attacked you in the kitchen!" The brown stallion whirled to face her. "They need more power! They were weakened in the fall. Even if they went for the TARDIS it would take several of them to get it open at full strength, let alone these few stragglers. "They need energy. They want you!"
"Me? What did I do?" asked Twilight, afraid.
"Nothing I'm sure, but it doesn't matter, with your powers they could use you like a battery for at least a few years and open the TARDIS with ease. It's also been weakened apparently."
"Well what am I going to do?" Twilight whimpered.
"Not to worry, Night Light!"
"What? Oh yeah right. Not to worry, I won't let anything happen to you."
"Well thanks for that, but what are we going to do against them? They're faster than anything I've ever seen! What's a pony in a box going to do?"
The Doctor stared her dead in the eye.
"I'll tell you what this 'Pony in a box' is going to do, this 'Pony in a box' is going to make sure you and your friends come to no harm. This 'Pony in a box' is going to find a way  to defeat the Weeping Pegasus, send them back into the rift, and this 'Pony in a box' is going to save the whole of Ecuador!"
"That too." The Doctor turned back to the monitor. "Tell me, has anyone gone missing since I arrived?"
"Missing? No, not that I know of."
Pinkie came clopping down the hall back into the control room. She was dripping water from head to toe.
"Did you guys know there was a pool in here?" she asked.
"This is no time for swimming, Pinkie Pie. We're trying to figure out if anypony's gone missing lately."
"Missing?" Said Pinkie scrunching up her face. "Do you mean like Night Shift?"
"Night Shift?" Twilight asked, confused.
"Oh, he's the weather pony who makes the nighttime storms!" Pinky replied with a bounce. "Every time there's a stormy night I bring him a cupcake in the morning for all his hard work! He can be a grumpypants but I think that's because he never gets thanked." Pinky looked momentarily forlorn, but her smile was back quicker than it left. "But he always cheers up when I bring him a cupcake!"
"And that's very sweet of you Pinky, but we're looking for missing ponies." Twilight said patiently.
"That's the thing Twilight." Pinky replied. "We had a huge storm last night, and when I went to take him his morning cupcake, he wasn't there."
"Are you sure he didn't just wander off to town?" asked the Doctor, suddenly interested.
"Oh no, Doctor, he's never not there. He works all night, so he's always home in the morning. I've never seen him leave before it was dark."
"Alright then." said the Doctor hopping down from the controls. "Can you show us where this 'Night Shift' lives?"  

The ponies and dragon made their way back up the stairs.
"So, you say he lives on the edge of town?" Asked the Doctor looking back at Pinkie.
"Yep, next to the old dress shop! The one Rarity used to use before she bought the new one. Have you met Rarity? You should! She'd love you! I aught to introduce you, then we can go out for cake together!"
The Doctor stared at the pink pony for moment. "One thing at a time my dear."
Twilight stopped short at the top of the stairs. "Oh yeah, that's right, nopony's met you yet besides me and Pinkie."
"Is that really important at the moment?" asked the Doctor.
"Well, this is a really small town, in a place like this, a new pony popping up is a big thing, we won't get two feet without anything short of a celebration."
"Well, while I do like to celebrate, now is certainly not the time." The Doctor put a hoof to his lip in thought. "Is there any less populated route we could take to reach our destination?"
"We could go through the back door." Twiligtht supposed. "It leads to the alleyways behind all the stores. There should be very little ponies' there."
"Perfect! Onwards and upwards!"
As they walked towards the back door, Twilight paused to look at the stone pegasus. The Doctor was correct, and after the couch had moved, they stood frozen staring at their reflections.
"Are you sure they'll stay like that, Doc?" asked Spike. "I don't fancy tangling with those guys again, my eyes still hurt from the last time."
"Not to worry Spike, as long as they're looking at their reflections they're quantum locked, they can't move an inch. As long as nothing gets between them and that mirror they're harmless." The brown stallion turned to Twilight. "No time to worry about them. Where's this back door?"
"Right through the library, this way." Twilight dashed off down the hallway. The others in followed in pursuit.
Behind them, the Weeping Pegagus  stared at their reflections, never moving, never blinking.
In the corner, the mirror began to crack.
Number 12.

This is my Doctor Who crossover fic. Synopsis:

A mysterious blue box suddenly crashes into Twilight's library, causing much uproar in Ponyville. From this strange box comes an eccentric brown stallion sporting an hour-glass cutie mark and a sharp wit. However, following the introduction of My Little Timelord it is made apparent that he was not alone in his discovery of Equestria as three ominous statues descend from on high. Soon Twilight, Pinkie, Spike, and The Doctor find themselves battling these denizens of the Abstract Plane for the future of Equestria and, quite possibly, the entire MLP universe!

MLP copyright Hasbro

Doctor Who copyright the BBC

Art by Inkwell-pony

Part Two:
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Apart from a couple things that I think could be improved, it's a pretty good story.

(I am in no way a proper scientist; merely a madman)
(I'm also 13, but don't let it fool you)
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So maybe you should instead go with the laws that keep the order of this alternate world changed him?

I mean just look at kamen rider decade, he always gets a free instant costume change in every world for which to blend in with. (oddly none of the other characters, even DiEnd do though in this case they probably would).
Squeak-Anon Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Actually the Doctor has stated that he can be anything when he regenerates, so that's not really a plot hole. But that can also be taken care of by the fact the Abstract Plane 'Edited' the weeping angels when they came through, and therefore did the same to the Doctor when he fell through. Thus turning him into a pony instead of a regular human regernation.

In either case, I hope you enjoyed the story! :)
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[link] This is what we are dealing with!? O_o I'm afraid
I'm a big MLP fan and i would like to give Doctor Who a chance too but unfortunately its not showed in Denmark. Could i get a little advise for where i start? As i can see this story are from Doctor Who Series 5 witch also starts with a new Doctor. would that be an acceptable starting point?
Sorry for my grammar and spelling skills, English is not my main language.
BTW i loved this story keep up the good work \(^_^)/
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